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Junk removal services:


Household junk

  It is possible to get rid of everything old and junk that are in your house. It is possible to get rid of junk, trash, clothes and books, as well as old appliances. Purge to free up space and improve your self-esteem.  

Foreclosure cleanouts

  Foreclosures are often filled with junk, non-functional appliances and damaged furniture. We can help you sort the junk out so that you can repair it and find new owners!  

Office cleanouts

  Office equipment tends to be heavier and more fragile, however have no fear our team of strong and sturdy individuals will take anything two people are able to lift. Computers, satellites, shelves and inventory desks and tables, and office furniture are often taken away by us. We'll take away anything that isn't necessary.  

Property management

  We realize that moving out of an apartment or office unit in the shortest time possible is the least amount of time and money. We are happy to remove any items that have been left behind by previous tenants to make your unit ready to be rented by the next tenant. While we are moving out We take care not to damage furniture or walls.  

Real estate

  We help real estate agents with the move of their clients by getting rid of their rubbish and clutter, helping to sell homes faster and without stress. With our upfront prices and all-inclusive solutions that you do not have to think about anything. We will take care of the rest!  

ATM Removal

  We offer full service removal of ATM's across Takoma Park MD 20912 and the surrounding suburbs. If it's one ATM or multiple ATM's in the area, no problem we'll be able to help. Our staff will handle all the heavy lifting and load, meaning that your employees won't need to touch one thing. We'll also responsibly and safely remove your ATM's. We can remove ATM's from almost any location, including restaurants, retail stores supermarkets offices and convenience stores. We can take care of it all!  

What kind of Junk will we haul away?

  • Appliances
  • Matresses
  • Televisions
  • Refrigerators
  • Carpeting
  • Hot Tubs
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Bicycles

Our junk removal process


Step 1: Schedule an appointment.

  Call us to schedule an appointment with us to come to your location and inspect how much garbage you'd like removed. If we can, we will offer the same day service. We'll call you within 15 to 30 minutes prior our arrival.  

Step 2. Evaluation

  Prices depend on the amount of junk you have. Once we have been able to inspect the items you want to eliminate, we'll provide you with our all-inclusive, rock bottom cost to take everything away.  

Step 3: Actual junk removal

  We'll remove all your junk from wherever you've left it. We'll get rid of everything you have, no matter if it's on the first floor, basement or outside. We'll even leave everything broom and swept prior to leaving. That means you don't need to lift or bend one inch!  

Step 4 Reliable taking off

  We make every effort we can to reuse anything that isn't required to go to the landfill. Your items, more often than not will end up in an auction house or gets donated to those who are in need. If it calls for recycling then we will make the necessary steps to do that too. We don't think about dumping everything in a garbage dump. We are committed to giving back to the community in any way we can.    

What do we do with our junk?

  We'll do everything to ensure that the items we remove from your house or office are re-usable or recycled. A large percentage of items that we gather are donated to families in need or disposed of. Electronics, metals, and other things are taken to a scrapyard that allows them to be offered by themselves. The landfill disposes of garbage, trash and all other non-recyclable materials.  

Our 4 Step Process



  Set up an appointment and we'll show up whenever it's your most convenient time! We are able to provide same-day service and have the convenience of working during regular times. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.  Call for Junk Removal Takoma Park MD 20912 Today.  


  After we have had a opportunity to evaluate the quantity of trash that you need removed We will then offer a very competitive price for hauling your trash away. All-inclusive, and is accompanied by smile!  

After That...

  We'll remove the junk from any place it's in, no matter whether it's the main floor, the garage, basement or the yard. We will unplug any electrical appliances and take them from your home or office. Brooms, order and even brooms will be delivered!  


  We are committed to giving to the community, and so we go to great measures to find a place for the trash we get rid of. Our objective is to keep things away from landfills and place things in second-hand stores for those who could benefit from these items! Call us Today for Junk Removal Takoma Park MD 20912.  

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